Racial tensions always run high in Serinor, and the early portions of the Second Epoch are some of the bloodiest in the world’s entire history. In the Arcane Dawn setting, characters are assumed to be orc until proven guilty. Elves and dwarves would be accepted (if not welcome) in orcish lands, but halflings would likely receive a hostile reception. They are at war, after all.

Available Races

  • Orc – fierce and territorial foes of the dragons. The orcs of Serinor are a vicious and bloodthirsty race, as prone to fighting themselves as their enemies. Their culture is based on rule by the strong, and they revere all the orcs who were able to take the title of Warchief. They are the most populous race on Serinor and control more territory than any others save the dragons, with whom they’re locked in an eternal war for land.
  • Dwarf – reclusive masters of metallurgy and mining. The dwarves claim they were always here, but they didn’t appear on the surface of Serinor until after the rise of the orcs. Stout and hearty, they live in an extensive network of caverns they’ve hollowed out over the centuries. Dwarves take care not to anger the other races, because they make a huge profit from tolls on travelers using their tunnels as a well-guarded and well-kept highway system.
  • Elf – pacifistic plant-folk and lovers of history and song. The elves of Serinor are a lithe and reclusive people, inhabiting only the small group of islands that house the primal Wellspring of Life which granted them sentience. The long-lived elves despise combat of any sort, and while they will defend their woodlands when directly threatened, they seldom leave their islands for any reason whatsoever. The elves have learned to harness Serinor’s magic through their art of Woven Song.
  • Halfling – independent and resourceful lovers of comfort. These diminutive humanoids live exclusively around the pastoral, lakeside city of Amunash. The most recent race to arrive in Serinor, they immediately dug in their heels and began forcing both orcs and dragons out of what they considered their homeland, the fertile central plains of Amin. They have proven immensely resourceful, and have created a wide range of technological gadgets to give them the advantage against their larger and more dangerous foes.

(See also Racial Inherent Extras.)

Unavailable Races

  • Lizardman – enslaved by the dragons; lizardmen do not escape their creators’ mental shackles until the Age of Heroes.
  • Fairy – still fractious and unstable at this point in Serinor’s history; prone to sudden, explosive return to their elemental state at any time.

Absent Races

Human – the Cult of the Divine Light does not yet exist, and the Divine Light has not yet shone into Serinor at Mount Gela to convert the orcs.

Kobold – kobolds do not sail into Serinor until after the advent of divine power at the start of the Third Epoch.

Shadowkin – a direct product of the Age of Heroes; the Hero Soul hasn’t even been seen in Serinor at this point.

Lukosian – though werewolves are present, Luke does not lead his revolution until during the Age of Heroes.

Clockwork – a joint creation of halflings and lukosians; rise to prominence during the Time of Chaos.

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