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A primal world is locked in war…

The start of the Second Epoch of Serinor’s history was marked by the arrival of the first mortal race: the orcs. The placid calm of Serinor’s First Epoch was shattered as soon as the orcs appeared. War began and would not fully stop until late in the Third Epoch, when the weight of the Hero Soul began to drive the dragons from the world.

Lukosian scholars argue that the most significant event during the Age of Conflict was the rise of magic in Serinor (although it’s possible they’re somewhat biased.) Though Serinor was still suffused with the raw arcane energies used by the Elder Gods to craft the world, there was no codified way to tap or use them. But as the dragons began to use the innate magic of their blood to alter the tides of war, the orcs scrambled to find a way to keep up and fight back.

The Arcane Dawn approaches…

Home Page

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