These diminutive humanoids live exclusively around the pastoral, lakeside city of Amunash. The most recent race to arrive in Serinor, they immediately dug in their heels and began forcing both orcs and dragons out of what they considered their homeland, the fertile central plains of Amin. They have proven immensely resourceful, and have created a wide range of technological gadgets to give them the advantage against their larger and more dangerous foes.

Historical Significance

Halflings are the youngest of the major races of Serinor. Their arrival was first noticed about 250 years after the founding of Eragdush. Over seven generations, they have seen their influence both rise and fall. Though they made headway in holding the area directly around Amunash, they’ve been unable to protect any outlying settlements, even those that have been in existance as long as there have been halflings. Their successes are based largely on the ingenuity of their engineers, have made use of all the resources available to them (including fish) to create gadgets and weapons of such novelty that the orcs are unable to readily counter them.

Quick Facts

  • Halflings speak a tongue that is all their own. The written equivalent is typically etched into clay tablets or pots (the engineers feel this is more reliable than paper.) (Rough Earth Equivalent: British English)
  • Most weapons research currently focuses on practical applications of hawkfin oil, a highly flammable substance secreted by fish found only in Lake Amunash. Though they can use it to set pretty much anything on fire, the engineers are trying to purify it into more concussive explosions.
  • At heart, the halflings are a peaceful people who just want to be left alone. In the most fertile land known in all of Serinor.


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