The dwarves claim they were always here, but they didn’t appear on the surface of Serinor until after the rise of the orcs. Stout and hearty, they live in an extensive network of caverns they’ve hollowed out over the centuries. Dwarves take care not to anger the other races, because they make a huge profit from tolls on travelers using their tunnels as a well-guarded and well-kept highway system.

Historical Significance

Though it is possible the dwarves predate the orcs in Serinor, they made much less of an impact on the world, so the title of first mortal race is typically given to the orcs. The dwarves kept largely to themselves, hollowing out a large, interconnected series of tunnels beneath the surface of Serinor. They didn’t rise to prominance until they realized they could make a profit on tolls for use of these tunnels, since they were well-guarded and allowed for quick, safe travel. With the advent of undersea tunnels allowing for safe intercontinental travel, their place in the world was assured.

Quick Facts

  • Dwarves all speak Dwarven, though many are multilingual to better facilitate trade. (Rough Earth Equivalent: Russian)
  • Most daily affairs in dwarven life are managed by the Miners’ Guild. The Guild controls projects, assignments, and wages on mine work as well as even distribution of profits from trade and tolls. This creates a largely communistic society.
  • Dwarves place little value on personal wealth. Though their endless drive to milk every penny out of the other races gives them a reputation for greediness, it’s nearly always out of a desire to benefit their society as a whole. Theft among dwarves is very rare.


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