Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Research Notes of Karn Wulfgar 03-01-383

A well-worn leather notebook recorded in impeccable script

There is still no Warchief and I fear this chaos may destroy the Orcish people. This war of succession couldn’t have come at a worse time. The dragons are within striking distance of Eragdush and we cannot set up a cohesive defense since every general is squabbling for power. Gretchen at least has realized this and begun attempting to form some cohesive company to defend us from the dragons. To that I’m lending my services as best I can. My plan is to grant a company of orcs the draconic blood powers to be used as a weapon against the dragon. Of course I don’t want to use our good stock of fighting orcs, so I had Gretchen let me use the runts and weaklings that were going to die anyway. I have the first set recovering now with almost a 50% survival rate. Luckily a few will go a long way to stopping the draconic hordes.

My dragon blooded company still doesn’t solve the problem of succession. Personally I would prefer Glorg wins as he seems more compliant with my dragon experiments. However I don’t care who wins just as long as this is over with soon. I’ve been looking into legends of past warchiefs in an attempt to expedite this process. Graan had mentioned being blessed by Eldritch and it looks like that is the case with every warchief all the way back to Orkhus the first warchief. It is said that Orkhus was the biggest and strongest but that still wasn’t enough to lead the warring orcs. It wasn’t until he received the blessing of Eldritch that he could become the first Warchief and lead his people. So theoretically if we can get Eldritch’s blessing we can end this whole debacle quickly. Maybe we can get Beal’sol, Jan, and Ostia to help with that. They seem to be stranded here as well.


Eldritch05 Eldritch05

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