Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Dark Before the Dawn, Finale

Night has fallen...

…but it is always darkest just before the dawn.

The Orcish Civil War has ended: Glorg is the new Warchief of the Orcs. A pax draconis has settled upon the orcish homelands as Glorg plans his assault on Amunash with his new draconic allies. The orcs do not know what to do, so they do what they always do: they follow their orders.

Though one such order is the execution of the deserter Gretchen Hilgard and anyone associated with her, no resources are allocated to its execution. Everybody knows the outlaws have holed up in Sand Pass Keep, but Warchief Glorg’s attention is elsewhere. At least, when he can focus on anything at all.

Gretchen’s makeshift army controls Sand Pass, though it is of little strategic value now that the dragons have made it into the homelands. Indeed, this is one of the very reasons she selected the location; Glorg has no incentive to move against it unless it is specifically to move against her. Beyond the north gate of the pass is nothing but the endless sand of the Great Wastes. There is nothing there but death by starvation or exposure. Nevertheless, Bael’Sol claims to hear music drifting across the dunes, and on clear nights, Gretchen’s empty eye sees a distant light on the horizon.

But everyone’s immediate concern is survival. Glorg commands both the Orcish Horde and the Wyrmkin Swarms. Gretchen’s company is all of forty bodies manning a garrison meant for nearly two hundred, and they have no friends among the orcs. It is only a matter of time before Glorg strikes, and it seems none have the power to stop his genocidal march across Serinor.

The Arcane Dawn approaches…


Eldritch05 Eldritch05

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