In addition to aspects, a character is defined by his skills. These are concrete things the character knows how to do. Characters begin play with 25 skill ranks. The full skill list is as follows:

Alertness Endurance Research
Archery Fists Resources
Art Gambling Ride
Athletics Intimidation Sleight of Hand
Burglary Investigation Stealth
Contacting Languages* Survival
Conviction Leadership True Elements#
Deceit Lore Weapons
Draconic Blood# Might Woven Song#
Empathy Presence

*A character is fluent and literate in one language per rank in the Languages skill. Available languages are Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Orc, and Primordial. A character is considered to be fluent in his native language, and it does not count against his total number of languages. The exception is orcs; orcs are not literate in Orc without spending a rank in this skill to learn to read and write.

# Magical tradition skills are available to their respective races by GM permission only and require a matching aspect be taken.

Untrained skills default to Mediocre (except magical tradition skills, which cannot be used without training.) Each skill rank spent on a skill raises it by one rank. Skills must be balanced according to the skill pyramid.

Skill ranks are earned at a rate of one per significant milestone. This is generally one per completed scenario or major plotline.

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