Phased Creation

Character creation in the Arcane Dawn setting takes place in six phases. Each phase covers a year or two of time during which the player may assign one aspect and four skill ranks to her character. The skill ranks must be spent on skills or extras related to the selected aspect.

The phases during character creation follow a geographical structure. During each phase, the player must determine where her character is located during that time period. A character’s location determines the aspects available for him to pursue during that phase. Most aspects are available regardless of the character’s location, but certain setting-related aspects may only be taken when in the correct location. Example locations and their related aspects are listed below:

  • Orcish Homeland – Eragdush, Orc, Berserker
  • Amunash – Amunash, Halfling, Engineer
  • Elven Isles – Celendir, Elf, Woven Song
  • Firelgrin – Firelgrin, Dwarf, Miner
  • Great Waste – Wastelander, Elemental Spark
  • Timeless Temple – Elder Disciple, Time-lost
  • Front Lines – Veteran, Berserker, Dragoon
  • Traveling – Vagabond, The Road, Sailor, The Sea

Characters must spend a phase in the Traveling location to move between non-adjacent zones. Other locations are also available. Ask the GM for more details.

There are two aspects which are considered plot hooks: Orc and Veteran. Selecting either of these aspects awards five skill points instead of four during the phase the character first selects one. Each aspect will grant the plot award, so both may be taken. The campaign will also begin in the orcish capital of Eragdush, so selecting the orcish homelands as the character’s location during the final phase of creation will also award one skill rank as a plot award.

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Phased Creation

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