The orcs of Serinor are a vicious and bloodthirsty race, as prone to fighting themselves as their enemies. Their culture is based on rule by the strong, and they revere all the orcs who were able to take the title of Warchief on the field of battle by defeating all other aspirants. They are the most populous race of Serinor and control more territory than any race save the dragons, whith whom they’re locked in an eternal war for land.

Historical Significance

The orcs were the first of the short-lived mortal races to enter Serinor (though some dwarves would dispute that claim.) Their arrival is typically considered the beginning of the Second Epoch, the time when the relatively static world order of the immortal races (fairies, dragons, and elves) came to an abrupt end. Though their exact origin (much like the dwarves and halflings) is something of a mystery, their fierce and territorial nature made the older races notice them immediately. After carving a homeland for themselves out of the swamps of southern Thornner, they immediately began wars against the dragons to take land from them.

Quick Facts

  • Orcs speak Orc, though most orcs are illiterate. Few have any use for reading or writing, and an official written version of the language has yet to be codified in the Second Epoch. (Rough Earth Equivalent: German)
  • All orcs are expected to serve at least two years in the military. Many serve more, making a career out in the armed services. Inside the army, things such as family or gender are irrelevant; there is only strength.
  • In general life, males are providers and females caretakers. Families are large, as females are expected to have as many children as possible to fuel the war effort. Twins are common.


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