Guidelines for Online Participation

Welcome to the Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn campaign website. My name is Eldritch, and I’ll be your storyteller for the duration of your stay. I’m very glad you’re able to be with us.

Character creation has gotten off to a wonderful start, and I’m thrilled to have such fascinating characters populating and expanding the world of Serinor. Since several of our players will only be able to participate via this website, I wanted to establish a baseline from which we can all work to ensure everybody’s time in Serinor is enjoyable and consistant. Questions, comments, and suggestions are all very welcome, and can be submitted on the forums.

Adventure Log

The adventure log is the place for the stories of what our characters are doing and what is happening to them. Ideally these will be complete stories, but this entire campaign is an exercise in collaborative storytelling, so some edits and revisions are inevitable. Once a log entry is posted, players are encouraged to comment on them or discuss them on the forums to make sure there is consensus on the events portrayed. By nature, adventures will often involve more than one character, but only one player can write them; make sure there’s buy-in from all players involved before assuming actions for their characters.

Recommended Best Practices
  • Tag your adventure log posts with the names of each character involved, as well as any other relevant tags you care to use. Note that tags are case-sensitive, so only capitalize the names of characters.
  • Use the < ! – - more – - > flag, without all those internal spaces. It takes the bulk of your entry off the main log page and puts it behind a “Read the rest of this entry” link. We really need this to keep that main page legible. For reference, that’s less than, exclamation point, hyphen, hyphen, m, o, r, e, hyphen, hyphen, greater than.
  • Date your entries with the in-game date the events occurred. At the moment, I’ve set the date of the post to the date of the events, but I’m uncertain that’s sustainable. Just make sure somewhere in the post is the in-game date so we can keep a chronological record of events.
  • Be gentle with other players’ characters. If you aren’t certain how they would react in the situations you’re describing, ask. Or leave the adventure post incomplete to allow for the player to respond.


Players are strongly encouraged to expand the world of Serinor by detailing people, places, and events on the wiki. In general, wiki entries require far less collaboration, as you’re creating things that don’t directly influence the actions of other characters. They do, however, directly influence the nature of Serinor, so they’ll receive far more scrutiny from the storyteller. Take vetoes in stride; it has to be pretty grossly inaccurate for me to discard it completely. I will, however, often suggest edits to make your ideas fit into the larger world as it exists.

Recommended Best Practices
  • Hyperlink your articles. There are two buttons above the text entry window that you should become familiar with: each portrays a folder, one with a person in it, the other with a page in it. These contain links to all the characters, wiki pages, and adventure log entries in our campaign. Highlight a word and hit the button to link it to what it refers to. If there is no page for what you want to link yet, double bracket ([ [ and ] ], without spaces) the word and it’ll link to a “Create Me!” page.
  • Make sure it should be in the wiki before you put it there. The wiki is the catch-all for in-game knowledge with two exceptions. Current events that involve our characters should be adventure log posts, and contemporary people should be characters (see below.)
  • Tag your entries with anything you consider relevant. A list of current tags can be seen at the right of the screen. Again, tags are case-sensitive, so only capitalize proper names, and the only proper names you should be using are the names of our characters.
  • Use images if you need to. We have shared image and video hosting, so if you have a picture you absolutely have to attach, the Pictures button above the text editor will walk you through how to upload and insert them. Media makes everything better.


Character are, surprisingly enough, people. In general, anybody our characters could potentially meet should be a character. Players are encouraged to make NPC’s from their character’s personal stories.

Recommended Best Practices
  • Use the Bio section to describe the character. In general, the Description section is for the storyteller; that’s where mechanical information such as the character sheet belongs. These can be hyperlinked in the same manner as wiki entries.
  • Use images if you need to. Characters especially benefit from having a portrait. The upload process is simple; finding a suitable picture is much harder.


The forums are for discussions between players. That’s about the only guideline here. If you need to start a conversation with somebody (that you don’t need to be private,) this is the place to do it. Related to the forums are the comments sections on all adventure log posts. If you’re discussing current events, that may be a better place for the conversation. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit.

Recommended Best Practices
  • Be polite. For the love of the gods. I don’t forsee this being a problem since we’re all adults and we all know each other, but the Internet has the insidious ability to make people stupid. Just want to make sure this expectation is out front for everybody to see.
  • Consider shifting to the adventure log if a discussion between characters reaches the point where it can be codified into an actual story. Copy and paste should be fine for most things. Or just tell the storyteller it’s ready for transfer and have him retell the story.

Closing Notes

I don’t want endless rules and guidelines for how things must happen, but I want to make sure we’re all on the same page so that things are generally consistant. My goal above all else is to make sure everybody’s enjoying themselves. That’s why we’re here, after all. Work with me to make that happen and we’ll all get along just fine.

Guidelines for Online Participation

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