Fate Points

A character enters play with a number of Fate Points equal to the number of phases of character creation. A Fate Point behaves similarly to an aspect; it has somewhat less power, but more versatility. A player may spend Fate Points to receive one of the following benefits:

  1. Add one to any roll the player just made. This benefit may only be used once per roll.
  2. Add one to any roll another player just made. This costs two Fate Points, and can be used once per player per given roll. The bonus from each participating player stacks.
  3. Ensure a favorable coincidence. This is similar to an aspect invocation for effect but does not allow for quite as broad a control of the narrative.
  4. Monologue. For those times you absolutely must get the epithet out without somebody stepping on your lines.

Fate points are earned at a rate of one per session. Additional points can be earned through aspects or at game master discretion.

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Fate Points

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