The elves of Serinor are a lithe and reclusive people, inhabiting only the small group of islands that has been dubbed the Elven Isles. Their three cities – Celendir, Leguviel, and Beloril – are all marvels of natural engineering, blending nearly seamlessly with the dense forests of the islands. The long-lived elves despise combat of any sort, and while they will defend their woodlands when they are directly threatened, they will seldom leave their islands for any reason whatsoever. The elves have a far longer store of legends and tales than any other race on Serinor, giving rise to a large group of bards who sing the old songs and tell the old tales

Historical Significance

The elves were the third race to enter Serinor (after the fairies and the dragons) during the First Epoch. Their entrance was concurrent with the arrival of primal power in Serinor; when the primal Wellspring of Life brushed Serinor for the first time, the plants in the area gained sentience. Though many species of intelligent plant life still walk the Elven Isles, the elves are the ones most infused with the power of the Wellspring (and the only species recognizable as people by all the other races of Serinor.)

While the elves sing tales and epics of all sorts, their favorite among them all is the tale of Carnok, the lone mortal ever elevated to a place among the Elder Gods. The elven bard sang songs of such purity and power that he was able to alter the weaves of fate set by the gods themselves. It is said that the Eldritch One elevated him to the ranks of the gods simply to keep him from tampering with the patterns he was attempting to construct.

Quick Facts

  • Elves (and many of the other plants on the Elven Isles) speak Elvish, though many are also proficient with the Primordial tongue of the fairies. (Rough Earth Equivalent: Pacific Islander/Japanese)
  • Elves are herbivores.
  • Elves do not die, either from old age or violence. When their humanoid form is no longer able to sustain life, it puts down roots and grows eventually into a giant sequoia. The cones from these trees sprout into infant elves, who are tended to by local druids.
  • There are no half-elves in Serinor. Their vegetable origin makes them genetically incompatible with every other race in the world.


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