All conflicts, which can be physical combat or social engagements, inflict stress upon a character. Opponents test their skills against each other, and the side with the higher roll inflicts an amount of stress on the other equal to their Margin of Success. If a character takes stress that does not fit into his stress track, he is taken out on his opponent’s terms and removed from the conflict.

Every character has three separate stress tracks: Physical, Mental, and Social. These tracks default to two boxes in length, which can be increased by relevant skills (Endurance for Physical, Conviction for Mental, and Presence for Social.) When a character takes stress, he marks off the box on the track equal to the amount of stress. For example, an attack that inflicts two points of stress fills the second box on the track, not two boxes. If the relevant box is already filled, the stress rolls up into the next box.

A character may reduce incoming stress by electing to take a consequence. A consequence is a temporary aspect that reflects the harm inflicted by the incoming attack. There are four levels of consequence, each of which mitigates a certain amount of stress: Mild (-2), Moderate (-4), Severe (-6), and Extreme (-8). Accepting a consequence reduces incoming stress by its level; any remaining stress is applied to the stress track. A character can have at most three consequences at any time and only one of each level. The character taking the consequence determines its exact nature; it must reflect the nature of the attack, but the attacker has no say over what consequence is inflicted.

When taking a consequence, a character may also offer a concession and voluntarily remove himself from the conflict. This allows the character to be taken out on his own terms, rather than allow his opponent to decide the manner of his defeat. Once a character has conceded, he may not rejoin the conflict, even if he is physically able to do so.

In general, combatants declare their actions and the skill which they will be using, then make their roll. Results are compared and an outcome is determined. In person, each exchange between all combatants will be handled sequentially until one side has been completely Taken Out or has otherwise ended combat. Online, the single roll will determine the outcome of the entire scene/fight simply for pacing reasons.

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