Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

The Broken Compass
An odd encounter yields a stranger gift

When Zuldane finally woke up, he was lying flat on his back staring up at rough stone.

Gretchen and Ostia Negotiate
Gretchen attempts to recruit Ostia

Gretchen stands stoically in the shadows in the port city of Vridish.

Drunken Musings

Ostia stared across the empty room he shared with his dwarven sailors.

Research Notes of Karn Wulfgar 03-01-383
A well-worn leather notebook recorded in impeccable script

There is still no Warchief and I fear this chaos may destroy the Orcish people.

Gretchen's Journal (via Sai)
The following journal is written in exceptionally elegant orcish script on rough parchment, bound in leather.

You swear to write down all I say, just as I say it? Good. There is much to say.

Dark Before the Dawn, Part VI
Character Creation Phase Six

Civil war erupts in Eragdush.

Glorg's Aspirations

“I’ve confirmed it myself, sir,” Dram told his commanding officer.

Final Words of the Warchief
Sai receives an unexpected guest

The door to Sai’s cell opened and a huge orc entered the tiny room.

The Hunt 2
Moving along the north coast of Amin

It has been weeks since they left Dravia.

Setting Sail

From the new halfling port, the wind blew out to see filling the sails of the ships at harbor.


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