Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Meeting in the Forest
Ostia is called into the Forest

We have finally circumnavigated the forest.

Revelations out at Sea

Bael’Sol reveals that he is a Treespeaker

Journey to Beloril

Bael’Sol and his friend Thenidiel leave the Anthenaeum for the Isle of Beloril to seek answers from the Wellspring of Life

Ostia's Wanderings
The road calls

I have led a small band of younglings and halflings. There is only four others in the band with me. Two dwarves. Two halflings.

On the shores of Amunash
Ostia tries to turn the tide of the halfling war with the orcs

Ostia stares at the engineering store front, sighs and pushes the door open

A Dwarf in the Forest
Zuldane stumbles into adventure

Zuldane Blueblaze had never seen trees this big before.

Dark Before the Dawn, Part II
Character Creation Phase Two

The continued story of our budding heroes.

The Shephard Wanders

Jan and those closest to him are forced to flee.

Zuldane's Musings

Zuldane is growing restless with his day to day life.


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