Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Bael'Sol's Commission
Bael'Sol ends one journey and starts another

It was night, and Bael’Sol stared into the small fire Thenidiel had made for them.

The Lead up to the Summit

Ostia was debating how to start a difficult conversation with his dreaming mentor.

Dark Before the Dawn, Part III
Character Creation Phase Three

The orcs near total victory in their war against the dragons.

Gretchen's Warband

Gretchen’s warband of five sat around a tiny campfire beneath a rocky outcropping in southeastern Amin.

Aiding the Enemy
Dram meets his first dragon

Dram came upon the small gold around midday.

Research Notes of Karn Wulfgar 11.12.374
A burned scrap of paper covered in impeccable handwriting


It is difficult to keep good notes in the field.

Meeting in the Forest
Ostia is called into the Forest

We have finally circumnavigated the forest.

Revelations out at Sea

Bael’Sol reveals that he is a Treespeaker

Journey to Beloril

Bael’Sol and his friend Thenidiel leave the Anthenaeum for the Isle of Beloril to seek answers from the Wellspring of Life

Ostia's Wanderings
The road calls

I have led a small band of younglings and halflings. There is only four others in the band with me. Two dwarves. Two halflings.


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