Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Learning to be an Ambassador

Bael’Sol and Misha Meet

Pigeon Crash
Jan reconstructs a message from his sister

Jan was just bedding down for the morning when a clay pot fell from the sky and shattered beside him.

The Shepherd Watches

Jan uncovers that the orcs are changing tactics.

Preparations and Planning

Ostia stood staring to the east of Amunash.

Surprise Visit
The warchief arrives at Vrarag

Sai looked up as the door to his lab opened and sighed as he saw who was entering.

The Dawning

Bael’Sol accepts his new fate, and eagerly sets forth into the unknown.

Bael'Sol's Commission
Bael'Sol ends one journey and starts another

It was night, and Bael’Sol stared into the small fire Thenidiel had made for them.

The Lead up to the Summit

Ostia was debating how to start a difficult conversation with his dreaming mentor.

Dark Before the Dawn, Part III
Character Creation Phase Three

The orcs near total victory in their war against the dragons.

Gretchen's Warband

Gretchen’s warband of five sat around a tiny campfire beneath a rocky outcropping in southeastern Amin.


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