Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Final Words of the Warchief
Sai receives an unexpected guest

The door to Sai’s cell opened and a huge orc entered the tiny room.

The Hunt 2
Moving along the north coast of Amin

It has been weeks since they left Dravia.

Setting Sail

From the new halfling port, the wind blew out to see filling the sails of the ships at harbor.

The Hunt
Gretchen's Squad Gets to Go Out

Gretchen grinds her teeth in frustration.

Research Notes of Karn Wulfgar 04-05-381
A well-worn leather notebook recorded in impeccable script

These halflings are fascinating creatures.

Dark Before the Dawn, Part V
Character Creation Phase Five

The orcish empire crumbles.


Zuldane pounded his mug on the counter of the bar and the bar wench lumbered over to refill it.

Gretchen's Reassignment
Gretchen's squad receives new orders

Panic was an emotion unbefitting an orc.

The Struggles along the way
Ostia leads an embassy to the dragons

“I told you it would be a waste of time!” Cumae sternly reprimanded Ostia.

Research Notes of Karn Wulfgar XX-XX-379
Excerpts from a well-worn leather notebook

I awoke with a splitting headache.


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