Warchief Graan

Warchief of the Orcs


Former Warchief of the Orcs, making him leader of all orcs in Serinor militarily, politically, and socially. The word of the Warchief is absolute in all things.

Graan was large even for an orc, standing seven feet tall. He had been a brilliant Warchief, bringing the dragons right up to the edge of extinction. Much of this was attributed to his size, but he was also remarkably canny and intelligent for an orc. Rumors swirled that he could read and write on his own, but Graan was quick to squash these (and the orcs that spread them.)

More pernicious were the rumors that Graan did not squash. Chief among these was the story of how he made a pact with the Elder Gods that he would be Warchief until the campaign against the dragons was complete. After thirty years with Graan as Warchief, it was widely suspected that this might actually have been true.

Unfortunately, due to the appearance of the wyrmkin, the campaign against the dragons ended in defeat instead of success. Stripped of his divine protections, Graan was killed by a group of werewolves that are believed to have been sent by Syn himself.

Warchief Graan

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