Sage of the Athenaeum at Esgal Lond


Garvain is the current Sage presiding over the Anthenaeum at Esgal Lond. He has been the Sage there for nearly 200 years, and in that time has done much to grow the collection of lesser ancient scrolls. These scrolls contain the histories, folklore, and bards of many of the small villages scattered throughout the elven isles. Garvain believes the elves should not forsake these scrolls, for they surely contain important lessons about the past, and possibly hold keys to the future.

However, the recent elevation of Carnok into immortality has shaken Garvain deeply. Before Carnok was elevated to the status of immortality, Garvain had been communicating with the bard by letter. Garvain felt he had stumbled upon something significant among the scrolls at the Anthenaeum, something that could impact the ancient art of the Woven Song. Carnok had showed great interest in this discovery, but before he could visit the Anthenaeum, he was taken by the Eldritch One. Garvain worries that delving deeper into his discovery could lead to disaster, both for himself and all of Esgal Lond. Now, paralyzed with fear, Garvain is little more than a figure head at the repository, and his pupils are left largely to their own devices. They receive little guidance in their studies, and those most interested in the Woven Song are strongly discouraged from digging too deeply.


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