Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

The Dawning

Bael’Sol accepts his new fate, and eagerly sets forth into the unknown.

“Thenidiel. Psst, Thenidiel,” Bael’Sol tried to grab his friend’s attention without raising his voice much above a whisper. He strained to hear the sounds thrumming around him in the pitch black. “Thenidiel!”

“Do you hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“The humming. It’s like a low throbbing. I can even feel it under my feet.”
“Um…no. Definitely no. Should we take a break or something?”

Bael’Sol rolled his eyes in frustration, even though Thenidiel couldn’t see his frustration. “Perhaps that’s for the best,” he thought to himself.

“No, it’s fine. But listen, I can feel the music now. I understand what that crazy old elf was saying now. This song, it’s the soul of Serinor. And I’m supposed to learn it…” He trailed off and listened for a minute, let the thrumming come up through his feet, raising every hair on his body; the moaning of the wind and the cymbal-like crashing of the trees fairly rattled in his chest. “It’s so beautiful Thenidiel,” he whispered in awe. “I want to make sure everyone can hear it and understand how perfectly exquisite it is. I have to share it with everyone. I think the fate of Serinor depends on it. “

“Bael’Sol, what onearth are you talking about?” Thenidiel asked. “I get that this elf came to you last week and told you all this, this, STUFF, but what are you babbling about now?”

Poor Thenidiel, Bael’Sol thought to himself as he frowned. She just doesn’t understand what she’s gotten herself into yet.

“Listen, you know everything that’s been changing back home? All the fear and uncertainty? We can’t even study the Woven Song anymore! And I think things are spinning out of control everywhere. I can feel the distress in the earth, now that I’m paying attention. The world is changing, Thenidiel, and it’s not natural, and its not for the better. And, well, I think I can help…maybe even fix it if I can just follow this song, and learn it, and share it.”

After a long pause, Thenidiel tentatively answered her friend. “Alright,” she said with a shaky voice. “Where are we going then?”

“Wherever this song takes us.”

“This isn’t going to be an easy or short journey, is it?”

“No,” Bael’Sol said kindly, like a parent to a small and frightened child. “No, I don’t think it will be. But I have to do this, and if you’re willing to come with me, I’ll be grateful for the companionship. Eternally so.”
Thenidiel sighed, but said, “Alright then. I’ve come this far, let’s see where this fate leads us.”

Then Bael’Sol remembered the advice of the elf god to always keep a fire burning and conjured up an effervescent light from the flora around them. He smiled at Thenidiel now that he could see her, illuminated by the soft blue light, and then eagerly heading toward the thrumming soul of the song.


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