Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Research Notes of Karn Wulfgar 11.12.374

A burned scrap of paper covered in impeccable handwriting


It is difficult to keep good notes in the field. While Gretchen is kind enough to overlook my penchant for recording everything she does put her foot down about me collecting dragon parts. I think it’s for Krag and Helga’s benefit though as they as superstitious as most of my people are. It’s a shame too because I think I could really start to learn something about the creatures if I had time to properly dissect them. Of course capturing one alive for study would be amazing but in my current position would be particularly impossible. For now I’ll have to remain content to study the destroyed nests and whatever body parts are leftover when Helga is done with them (she is quite a terror when she’s berserking I don’t even know how she got that chunk of torso up into that tree). I have managed to obtain some vials of blood from one I killed alone. I’ve slipped some in Krag’s food and am noting anything unusual about him. More notes to follow.

I have had many opportunities to practice my spear-work lately as we’ve hit a particularly rich area of dragon nests. It’s quite simple once you learn it, just pin the creature in a corner until our berserkers or calvary come finish it off (the other day Gretchen came riding in at full speed and whacked a hatchling a good 100 yards away and of course Krag and Helga turned it into a game to see who can hit one farther). Otherwise I spend my nights gathering info from the other groups around. I found an interesting fellow about 3 nights ago from Traskar in the swamps. I believe his name was Gratz or Graggar or something like that. He was telling me this legend they have of an orc that was raised by crocodiles. It was most amusing as this character would attempt to bite people or animals and then spin around as crocodillians are want to do. Sadly I’ll not get to hear more of his adventures as Gragz was bitten in two by a rather large Copper today. Maybe I’ll venture down to Traskar when my time is my own again and look into this legend.

It looks like Gretchen is done planning our route for tomorrow so I better retire as well. Dram is staring off into space again. It’s odd for a company to have one orc who can write but to have 2 is almost impossible. Gretchen takes a lot of flak for it. Still we are one of the few companies that hasn’t lost an orc yet and I think she knows that our intellect is to thank. More on the Krag Dragon Blood Project over the next few weeks.


Eldritch05 aliasday

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