Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Research Notes of Karn Wulfgar 06.04.377

A burned scrap of paper covered in impeccable handwriting

I arrived to find Grak dead today. I’ve lost count of how many assistants I’ve lost on this project. Is it six? I think Grak was number seven. They never listen. They always get too close while cleaning, or don’t take their anti-poison pills, or in Grak’s case don’t move when the fire shoots at them. Good help is so hard to find.

Other than the problem of keeping an assistant around, my research is progressing nicely. All of the hatchlings Ash brought to us are growing quickly. Tlaloc and Itzli in particular have been most helpful. They are the ones teaching me Draconic and although I butcher the language when I speak it I’m getting a pretty good understanding of it. Some words I just can’t grasp though. “Citlali” for example. The closest translation I can come up with is “sky-light-night” which makes no sense still. I believe Tlaloc and Itzli are so keen on helping me because they are orphans and wish to know more about themselves as well. They trust me enough to study their anatomy closely even letting me take some blood for analysis. I have been trying to isolate what makes them “magical” and I believe the blood is key but it’s been so difficult to attain a sample from a still living dragon. The samples I obtained from slain beasts yielded no results (See the Krug Blood Experiments.) Unfortunately Krug has gone with Gretchen so I cannot try slipping the viable blood into his meals. I suppose I’ll have to start over from scratch with this experiment.

While Tlaloc and Itzli have been particularly helpful, Coatl has been the opposite. In fact I suspect he’s the reason my turn-over rate for assistants is so high. I always tell them to be wary of him but he’s just so charming. I sometimes wonder if I’m studying him or if he’s studying me. He seems to have knowledge beyond his years somehow but I can never tell if he is being truthful. He tells stories of other Serinors with these “citlali” and other things I can not make sense of. I believe he enjoys seeing the look of confusion on my face as I try to comprehend what he’s telling me.

Otherwise, Dram has been spending most of his time with his unofficial dragon. Glorg demands reports weekly on our progress but otherwise leaves us alone. He doesn’t seem to understand the potential wealth of knowledge we have here and only wants information on military applications of our research. So I report to him on new and interesting ways to kill the beasts and Dram reports on taming and riding them. I believe they’re about to start training a dragoon unit although Dram knows more about it than I do. I encourage him to keep journals with his notes but who knows what he writes about.

See attached papers for today’s data on growth, temperature, and feces composition (Grak’s left boot has already passed).


I managed to delete Jon’s comment, which was absolutely not my intention, because it was delicious. I told him myself, but I’ll make it public also: I absolutely love it when my players set their characters up for me. I am at present just waiting on an opening from a couple of you, so watch your step.

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