Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Research Notes of Karn Wulfgar 03.13.379

A well-worn leather bound book recorded in impeccable handwriting

I have one last option. I will go through with the blood ritual tonight. I have come too far and with the fort being abandoned I will have no other opportunity to complete my research. Ever since Coatl destroyed the lab and took my research notes 2 years ago I have been struggling to get it going again. It took months to dig through the wreckage and find anything salvageable. All the eggs and blood vials were taken or destroyed. Once I finally had an assessment of the damage Major Glorg shut us down. He said it was too risky to continue and when Drill Sergeant Branka arrived a few days later I had to agree with him. There was no way we could get any more work done under her watchful eyes.

So the desert lab fell into disuse. I continued to sneak out and try to piece together the leftover bits of my research from scraps of journals and my memory. But then bigger versions of my failed experiments started attacking the fort with a vengeance. We quickly went from being on the offensive to desperately holding on to survive.

The now Captain, Branka, ordered our troop fall-back and abandoning of Fort Vrarag about a week ago. Thus I am out of time and options. I have the last vial of blood I found in the ruins of the lab. I’ve managed to piece together most of the ritual (see attached notes). I will complete the blood infusion ritual on myself tonight. I have what is left of my research here in case I do not survive the ritual tonight so some other soul may continue where I left off.

-Karn “Sai” Wulfgar


Eldritch05 aliasday

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