Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Gretchen's Journal (via Sai)

8.7.372 Journal Entry

The following journal is written in exceptionally elegant orcish script on rough parchment, bound in leather.

So you just write down whatever I tell you? I really don’t understand the point of this exercise, Sai. Wait. Are you writing what I’m saying right now? You intelligent and handsome orc. I oughtta compliment you frequently and consider remuneration.

Fine. Let’s just get this done. There’s only one way to slaughter a pig.

We’ve been training for over a month now. It is going very well! I thought I was strong before, from all the farm work, but now I am getting really strong. I hardly have to beat anyone up anymore. I am most excited about the cavalry training and learning how to handle a sword. I’ve learned this move, and this one. Oh, you can’t actually write down what I’m doing? That’s dumb. Whatever. I can’t wait to get our deployment orders. But I know that I have a lot to learn before I’m ready to face down a dragon.

I miss home, too, of course. I hope I get back there after I’ve won enough honors in the service. It’s a quiet place, good place to rest after your time in the military. Having Bella here helps, though. She makes me think about why I’m fighting.

There, is that enough for your “journal” project, Sai? Fine. Let’s call it a night then. We’ve got another day of training tomorrow.


I very much enjoyed reading this.

Gretchen's Journal (via Sai)
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