Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Dark Before the Dawn, Part VI

Character Creation Phase Six

Civil war erupts in Eragdush.

The Warchief has died, and the orcs have only one way to select a new one: fight amongst themselves until one orc crushes all other aspirants and manages to wrest control of the empire. In itself, this is not unusual. The orcs have to select a new Warchief at least once a generation.

It could not, however, have happened at a worse possible time this generation. The dragons close in for the kill, and there is no longer a coherent force to repel them. The entire orcish civilization teeters on the brink, and the hope for salvation grows darker by the day.

  • General after self-proclaimed general attempts to enlist Gretchen and her squadron to support their bid for Warchief, but she refuses every one. None of them are good enough. Who, after all, could possibly replace Graan? She and Sai end up realizing they share essentially the same outlook; both believe that the strongest will survive, and since the orcs must survive, they must find some way to become the strongest.
  • Dram sweeps into Eragdush at the head of a flight of orcish dragoons, mounted upon tamed wyverns at the vanguard of General Glorg’s army. Backed by the might of the dragons themselves, they are quick to move to the forefront of the running for Warchief.
  • Ostia is furious. Part of the orcish civil war involves the closing of the borders, and now one of his ships is impounded and the other forming a new reef off the coast. He, Bael’Sol, and Jan are all in Vridish, and they’re going nowhere quick.
  • Bael’Sol is troubled. The song led him to these foreign and unwelcoming shores, but now an occasional missed note during his evening meditations on the Lament has grown into a persistant dissonance beneath the surface of song. Something is damaging the integrity of the world, but the songweaver is unable to track the source of the decay.


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