Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Dark Before the Dawn, Part III

Character Creation Phase Three

The orcs near total victory in their war against the dragons.

It has been 376 years since the founding of Eragdush. All known dragons have been routed from Thornner, and the only dragons left in Amin have been forced into the mountainous wastelands to the south. The orcish advances against the dragons are fortunate, because elite halfling strike teams are crippling their offensive around Amunash with unprecedented night strikes. Most forces have been recalled from Amin for the final assault on the dragon strongholds in Trewens.

The endgame is at hand, and orcish victory seems inevitable.

  • After reporting Sai and Dram as AWOL, Gretchen is surprised to find herself summarily promoted to lieutenant and reassigned to the Trewens Offensive. The next four warbands to arrive at Fort Vrarag are assigned to her command and sent with her back the way they came.
  • Sai and Dram are even more surprised by their promotions after being visited by the unfortunately-named Major Glorg at their impromptu dragon sanctuary in the desert. Chief Warrant Officer Wulfgar and Sergeant Dram are charged with leading the effort to tame and weaponize dragons. As Glorg’s thinking goes, if the beasts can be broken, no other force will be able to oppose the orcs.
  • Bael’Sol is completely unprepared for Amin. After landing at the Dravian Checkpoint at the continent’s western tip, he struggles to follow the phantom song through completely unfamiliar, largely trackless, and entirely beast-infested wilderness. He wonders at times whether he’s truly following Carnok or whether Syn is merely toying with him.
  • After their strange meeting in the woods, Ostia is loathe to part ways with Jan and Zuldane, even though the three of them very rarely get along. With the time finally at hand to venture to the Delian Summit at Mount Firelgrin, Ostia wonders whether he’ll be able to leave them behind of if he’s stuck with them for good. For their parts, Zuldane has proven to be a huge boon in extracting gems from the mines (though gems always seem to go missing when he’s around, not to mention the brawls!) and Jan surprisingly adept at leading guerilla strikes against the orcs. Both seem strangely driven, a trait which Ostia recognizes and respects, even if he does not know the root cause.


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