Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

Amunash Waits

Lake Amunash is calm, but little else is…

Ostia sits in a local bar. Around the table sits Cumae, who never leaves Ostia, Miffy, the loyal engineer, Cadiz, Barca, Hali, and Arci. The barmaid comes from behind Arci, who jumps.

“Easy,” Cadiz soothes, “she ain’t no orc and definitely ain’t no dragon."

Hali seizes on the opportunity, “Even if she isn’t you can’t help but feel a little jumpy!”

“The orcs are on the retreat, isn’t that a good thing?” Miffy asks.

Barca laughes, “Only if you think the dragons will stop there. Hell our night raids set up the orcs well. We thought we were going to be the broom, but hell he we turned out to be only the feather duster. The dragons have the orcs in full reverse!”

Arci squeaked, “Have you seen one?”

“I think I did, he or she was flying,” Ostia replied.

“What can we do?” Miffy, Arci and the still present barmaid inquired in unison.

“I’ll tell you what you can try.” Cumae stated.

“Hush, they don’t want to hear that idea.” muttered Ostia.

“It is the only way and you know it!” Cumae demanded.

“She is right,” stated Barca.

“I don’t need you on her side” Ostia stammered.

Cadiz was interested. “What can we try?”

“See, now I can tell them,” Cumae said petulantly. “We can attempt to treat with the dragons. For these two long years, the dragons don’t seem to notice us much. They let us wage our war against the orcs and they wage their war against the orcs. Right now we have a mutual enemy. They leave us alone to focus on the orcs. This will not last forever. As Ostia so eloquently spoke to you halflings about the orcs. We would be fools to think that they won’t turn on us next. After all the legends do say the dragons claim to have been here first and claimed all the lands for themselves, including this pristine lake. We need a treaty, a pact with the dragons."

“How?” Miffy stammered, the only halfling who could make the word. All three at the table were pale.

“Well first you will need to find a dragon, not one of those subservient beasts that they now command. We must slip deep into their territory to do that. Dragons do not risk themselves so easily now. Once there we find a dragon and we treat with them."

“You say it so matter of factly,” Ostia retorted. “Those same legends speak of their mind control powers. How would you make us immune to that?"

Cumae smiled as she spoke. “Dragons are in need of peace even as they push the orcs back. We can use that, and without cause Dragons surely will respect the rules of parlay.”

“Even so, how can we get that close to a dragon to make our case?” asked Hali.

“Well the only way I know of,” replied Cadiz “would be to see if Jan can get us there. He is the one who brought word of those secret shipments of dragon eggs that the orcs were making. He can stealthily get us there, but we would still need someone to persuade the dragons to listen to our case."

All the dwarven eyes turned to Ostia. “Oh no, you all just want to see me eaten by dragons. I have worked my oratorical miracle for a lifetime at the Summit," Ostia spewed.

“Besides that, even Misha hasn’t seen Jan recently" piped in Arci.

With that the discussion stopped and drinking commenced again. It lasted a long time. Almost the entire party stumbled from the bar drunk. Cumae and Ostia walked toward their shared home. “You know what you must do,” she whispered in his ear.

“I know, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it” retorted Ostia. With that a slight breeze brought the familiar scent of teak and salt to Ostia’s nose. He had settled on his course of action. Now only he needed to convince his halfling friend to join him or else he would have to go it alone.


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