Epic of Serinor: Arcane Dawn

A Dwarf in the Forest

Zuldane stumbles into adventure

Zuldane Blueblaze had never seen trees this big before. They had some in a few of the courtyards back underground, but nothing anywhere near this size. They reminded him of giant stalagmites. He could see the sun fading away as he gazed further into the forest. It was like a living cave and reminded him of the cool comforts of home. He seriously doubted, however, if he would find anything like The Longest Beard in the middle of this “cave”. There was also something tingling at the edge of his senses that told him this wasn’t a normal forest. But if this was the path to booze and excitement, so be it. Zuldane trudged off into the forest to continue his search for adventure.

Soon after he entered, he spotted an odd green light amongst the trees. Something told him that following it would certainly be an adventure, but maybe not quite the kind of adventure he was looking for. He turned to look behind him, but the path he’d been following was gone. The trees had closed in behind him. He gulped, then began to follow the light.

For days it seemed like he followed it, but it never got any closer. Then, suddenly, he pushed through a clump of underbrush and saw its source. At the center of a clearing was a green fairy and a werewolf in a robe staring at a halfling suspended upside-down in the air before them.

“You’re really to hard on them sometimes,” the werewolf said. Zuldane’s eyes bugged. He hadn’t known werewolves could talk, much less in the dwarven tongue. But its lips didn’t seem to match the words he was hearing.

“You’re one to talk,” the fairy replied. “I don’t understand why you need this one anyway.”

“Individually? I don’t overmuch. I do, however, need the three of them to converge, and if that requires intervention, so be it.”

“But the one’s still out in Amunash playing with the halflings," the fairy protested. “We could be here for months!”

“We already have,” the werewolf mused, turning to look at Zuldane. The dwarf’s heart sank; golden eyes glittered at him from within a deep hood, hiding the rest of the werewolf’s face. Other than its muzzle, of course, which suddenly bared all its fangs in a lethal grin. “Won’t be much longer now.”


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